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Upcycled: Kimono Jacket

Pattern Review: NewLook 6378

I am so in love with this Kimono Jacket even though it crushes easily because the fabric is pure cotton.

Some years ago I was working in a job where they purchased a load of bandannas for an in-office game. Some months later there was a lot of office movement and I could see these bandanas coming out of the drawers doomed for the rubbish.

I sent a message around and requested they be given to me. At the time all I knew I would be doing was sewing them together to make an upcycled piece of fabric for a new project.

As it turned out the project ended up being this lovely Kimono Jacket. It was a delight to make because I knew I was saving these bandannas from landfill and it turned out to be unique. I still have the leftover fabric in my stash, which one day I will turn into pants. What a hoot it will be to wear both together!

This pattern is NewLook 6378 and was extremely easy to follow. The only fiddly part is the bias binding trim. The pattern does not call for the bias trim but I found it gave a lovely finished look and complimented the fabric. There is something very relaxing about hand-finishing a garment.

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