The Perfect Summer Dress

This has become one of my favourite Summer dress patterns. The main dress that is in the pattern image is a relatively simple dress to make and depending on the fabric used you can make it casual or dressy. I really love the soft pleats at the neckline and the ease and comfort of wearing the dress. I also added cap sleeves that are part of pattern B in the packet.

The dress does not require a zipper, there is no requirement given the width of the

What I do not like is how the neck facings sit, I have found they don’t sit 100% flat and found I have had to put a bit of webbing in some spots so it sits flatter. The sleeves are a bit odd to insert but nothing that cannot be overcome.

Beware if you make the dress from a lighter fabric you may need a full slip under it. I am uncertain if lining the dress would be worth the effort.

So far I have made 2 of these with one I have yet to complete, all in a medium weight rayon so there is a minimal amount of crush. I have no idea why I haven’t finished the third one yet but when I do I will update and add it to this blog.

I will at some point make the dress and tunic variations that are included in the pattern. The pattern is New Look 6803 and is definitely a good pattern to choose if you are a sewing beginner.

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