About Ktee (Quirkie) Designs

I am a weird mix of all sorts though essentially I am a creator.

My passion is making something from simple ingredients whether it be cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, crafting, making potions, photography or gardening.

There is a desire within me to ignite my passions via reading of anything and everything.

Life is too short not to take on a challenge and create something that is different or unique. Better still life is wonderful when you can share these creations with others.

I have a number of websites, why? because I love to create websites mostly but the other reason you never know who may want to share what I have to say or even buy one of my goodies from Bewitched Angel (who also offers Ktee Designs products for sale)/

Enjoy your creative journey whatever you choose.
I hope you find my site one of inspiration.

(aka Katherine)