Reversable Dress Addiction

Pattern Review: Sew Liberated; Metamorphic Dress

A friend gave me this pattern a few years ago, and my addiction to this pattern began from the first dress I made.

Sewing and owning the Metamorphic Dress from Sew Liberated brings me so much joy. It’s a practical choice for travel, especially during warmer months, as it’s the perfect dress for layering.

This dress is 2 dresses in one, offering incredible flexibility both on its own and with layering options limited only by your imagination.

Once you get the hang of attaching the 2 dresses (using the Burrito Method) the sewing process is straightforward for Intermediate sewers. The dress is quite roomy and my 1st one is way too big while it is meant to be it may be best to go down 1 size as I did for the subsequent dresses.

The fabric choices are very flexible as long as they have a good drape. One I made (the purple, dress 2) the fabric is a bit too stiff and no amount of washing will relax it. I still love it but it is a lesson in care of the fabric choice.

Dress 2 is a mix of fabrics from my stash to use up fabric, the photos below show the back and front differences. Also, it was a lesson in not using a patterned fabric for the inner dress as it can show through the top fabric which may have mixed visual results. The dress works best with fabric of 2 plain colours or one plain colour (inner dress) and one patterned fabric (outer dress).

Dress 3 is a simple rayon outer dress with a polycotton inner dress.

So far I have made three of the Metamorphic Dress with more to come soon.

Dress 1

Dress 2:

Dress 3:

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