Linen Upcycled Skirt

Pattern Review: New Look 6271

There is always a story when talking about upcycling and this little story is no different.

A friend of mine was destashing and she had a packet of linen napkins that she once had plans for. As you can imagine the fabric of linen napkins is quite stiff but a good wash certainly softened them a little.

Once washed and ironed I unpicked the hemming and stitched them all together to form one fabric.

I chose this New Look 6271 pattern because of its simplicity and also because it fit the amount of fabric I ended up with. The skirt is just a back, front and casing essentially. Super simple for beginners.

Essentially the skirt would have been better with a softer fabric but I am thrilled with the finish. The only difference was I didn’t put the tie in.

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