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Upcycled: Brooklyn Coat

Pattern Review: Tessuti Brooklyn Coat

If you are new to sewing or even a seasoned sewer you will love the ease of making the Tessuti Brooklyn Coat.

This is the first Brooklyn Coat I made using upcycled fabrics that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill. I am sure the fabric came from a deceased estate and it is more like the type of fabric used for track pants as it has a fluffy inside. From that point of view possibly not the best choice given it is unlined.

To effectively use the fabric I mixed 2 fabric designs; using colour for the 2 front panels and the collar and black for the back and pockets. It has made the coat pop and look a bit different.

I used 1/4 ” seams for the side seams, I think it looks much tidier on the inside, I don’t understand why the pattern required a full seam allowance (5/8″). The pattern includes pockets front and back, I chose only the front pockets, I don’t understand the point of the ones at the back.

Whilst I have lots of positive comments I never really loved it but I have always found it very comfortable and warm to wear. I made the coat in 2019 and due to the quality of the fabric it is showing signs of wear (the colour has faded), and has been relegated to be worn on less salubrious occasions and around the home.

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